What is CleanCap Technologies?

We are dedicated to providing solutions that improve bottom line profits and the environment. It is a commitment to our customers, our communities and each other to take waste and convert it to less harmful constituents, salable products, byproducts, and incentivized results to create revenues and improve the planet. CleanCap Technologies (CleanCap) takes waste from pollution to profit using proven technologies, compliance solutions and industry leading experts. We help customers comply with environmental requirements with an eye on expanding profit margins. Let us help from the beginning with site selection and concept design and take you through permitting, construction, operations, and long-term maintenance.

What makes CleanCap different than other solution providers?

Our experience. As the vision for CleanCap was being created, we recognized that there was a critical knowledge gap in the industry. While many organizations have niche expertise, very few collaborate with companies outside of their own areas to create forward thinking solutions. Because we are more than gas experts, we understood the need to bring evolving technologies and a service-minded approach into constant innovation. Our team consists of expertise in the following fields:

  • Emissions control, treatment, and reporting
  • Carbon capture
  • Gas processing
  • Heat and product recovery
  • Process engineering
  • Corrosion control
  • Plant maintenance
Hands in dirt supporting a plant and graphics of environmental conservation overlapping

Environmental Compliance Through our Uptime-as-a-Service (UaaS) Program

Pollutant Removal

Our solutions feature up to 99.99% abatement

Carbon Reduction

Through the implementation of innovative process equipment, we are able to have the lowest CAPEX and OPEX per unit of carbon capture in the market.

Energy Efficiency

We are passionate about waste heat recovery and look for every possible opportunity to improve efficiency.


Our pre-engineered solutions are available in standard sizes allowing for the fastest timeline to full operations, maximizing economies and time to market participation.


After performing a thorough analysis of the cost of downtime we realized that specific redundancy in design and proactive maintenance is critical.

Serving North American and European Markets