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Debottlenecking & Capacity Evaluations

It is important to understand which operational situations would drive a facility out of compliance. Are there single points of failures that could lead to fines? What if paint or coating mixtures have to be changed for a certain product? As part of a compliance plan, CleanCap’s expertise can help many types of facilities avoid expensive mistakes. CleanCap has the knowledge and experience to help identify specific problematic conditions that may be affecting your equipment causing a limited flow of incoming or outgoing products. We can then do an in-depth evaluation and devise a plan for correction and optimization so that your overall energy and product usage can be decreased and plant or product production can be increased.

Hazard Assessments

Safety is of utmost importance to CleanCap and our customers. Most regulated chemicals are hazardous and need to be routed carefully to any treatment process. CleanCap can provide process equipment safety reviews and Hazard & Operability (HAZOP) meetings to ensure considerations have been made in the design to address Cause & Effects of a wide range of conditions. Compliance with facility safety measures is our top priority! To ensure the highest quality of safety and awareness, our highly trained team is prepared to complete pre-job analysis forms, such as a job hazard analysis (JHA) for our clients. CleanCap also supports these hazard awareness efforts by following our daily job safety analysis “JSA” and weekly “toolbox” meetings to reassess the dangers so we can further identify existing, changing, and potential hazards in the future, therefore allowing us to devise a risk management plan to keep everyone safe and aware as well as meeting the safety requirements and needs of our customers.

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