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Uptime as a Service (Uaas), This is What We Do

Today’s manufacturing environments are leaner, more reliant on uptime, and more demanding than ever before. In the context of a competitive environment and global marketplace, the pressure to adapt, improve, and innovate has never been greater.

At CleanCap we recognize the challenges faced by industry and are dedicated to improving the customers service experience. The first step to this is a hyper-focus on uptime and reliability. As such we have created a suite of services that can be customized to the needs of the individual facility. A partnership with our aftermarket services team is an investment in uptime and reliability.

Industrial customer retention comes from the combination of technically skilled aftermarket service professionals, extensive industrial equipment knowledge, and customer-centric teams. We offer a strategic approach to uptime and the customer experience. Equipment maintenance isn’t just about a single piece of equipment. It is about understanding the needs of an entire facility; a collaboration between service provider and plant management, maintenance requires a holistic approach to upkeep and a passion for uptime. This responsibility isn’t just on CleanCap as the provider. The facility’s management has responsibilities:

  • Communicate changes in equipment operations
  • Share upstream operational or process changes allowing ample time for application engineering and associated retrofits or upgrades to equipment
  • Coordinate scheduled downtime to allow for planned maintenance
  • Perform regular maintenance per OEM operations manual

Through a collaborative approach to maintenance, facilities can improve uptime and the operational life of equipment while ensuring a positive experience.

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Our Aftermarket Team is experienced, capable, and ready to support your plants maintenance needs including electrical and mechanical inspections, calibrations, and services.

Let Our Team Do the Work to Maximize Your Uptime

  • Minimize the potential for unexpected system shutdowns, which can often cost thousands, if not millions, in lost operating production.

  • Reduce operating expenses through calibration of system settings, resulting in increased efficiency in the equipment operation.

  • Lessen the occurrences of regulatory compliance issues.

  • Improve the life of equipment, system and components.

  • Reassure proper equipment operation.

  • Train your maintenance personnel.

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