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Routine Maintenance Increases Uptime

As part of our aftermarket preventative maintenance services, CleanCap also offers service agreements to help regularly maintain your equipment. Not only will you have peace of mind, you will have a scheduled and attainable plan of action that works in conjunction with your operational needs and shutdown schedules. CleanCap will provide you with specifics like the number of maintenance visits recommended, what you should expect during these inspections, spare parts packages, and written maintenance evaluations with photos and critical item repair suggestions. Additionally, we offer an emergency call-out package with response time expectations for equipment that may need attention. Any of these service packages will allow CleanCap to complete much needed routine maintenance and on-line plus off-line inspections. These efforts can significantly increase your uptime and optimize energy usage while minimizing potentially detrimental downtime.

Start with a Good Inspection

The CleanCap team makes recommendations for improving operations and maintenance (O&M) in plants. The PM service recognizes and aims to establish that performing routine maintenance will not only help ensure the long life of a piece of equipment but will also ensure that the equipment operates efficiently. Potential improvements could include maintaining clean RTO heat recovery ceramic media or replacing an old burner UV scanner before it fails.

Typically, PMs are scheduled on an annual or semi-annual basis. Your system shut-down period will be one day prior to the first day of the scheduled inspection. For larger or more complex systems, the second day continues with internal and external checks with the final day focused on the system operating under normal conditions and part of normal facility production. Many equipment conditions will not expose themselves under minimum loads.

Inspections are comprised of an all-encompassing checklist form which is followed up with a written report and photographs for your maintenance and compliance records. These evaluations are valuable components of proper maintenance and regulatory record-keeping. The checklist is broken down into the following four areas of your system:

A complete internal and external inspection of the mechanical components will be performed. Major components include items such as valves, insulation, compressors, fans, filters, ductwork, flange linkage, heat exchanger, catalyst or media, burners, exhaust stack, and viewing ports.

The electrical components will be electrically tested to ensure that they are functioning properly. Included in the test are the relays, motors, actuators, disconnects, switches, lights, timers, controllers, recorders, starters, disconnects, and wiring. Additionally, the burner or heating system and safety circuit management system will be tested for proper operation.

Pressure control and temperature control loops will be inspected and tested to verify operation and PLC sequencing. As part of the examination a visual inspection and adjustment of the combustion air and fuel mixture ratio of the burner will be performed, if necessary. We will provide a written review of your pressure switches, VFDs, controllers, actuators, and thermocouples. The warning, shutdown, ready signal, and damper circuits will be tested and verified to prevent catastrophic damage to the system.

For applicable abatement equipment, part of our examination will provide an oxidation efficiency test performed using portable FID analyzer collecting process inlet / outlet samples for analysis. This service keeps you alert of any potential problems related to your system’s destruction removal efficiency (DRE) and is considered wise to complete as a pre-test to eliminate any unexpected surprises during an expensive compliance test.

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