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Following the Money

During process engineering we often use the expression follow the money. For CleanCap engineers this refers to following where money is spent and made during a process. Is there waste heat that can be recovered and used elsewhere? Are there opportunities to utilize byproducts? Where can waste be reduced in the process? Can utilities be optimized to reduce gas and electricity consumption?

Process engineering focuses on industrial processes, often pertaining to contentious processes. Process engineering uses chemistry principles combined with mathematics and physics to design and maintain production processes.

Process Engineering Exercises Include:

Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)

CleanCap can generate a PFD to depict a Process Flow throughout a facility or production line. This may involve simulation and/or mass and energy balances.

Process Controls Designs

Control system design is very important to process equipment functionality, efficiency, and dependability. CleanCap can provide the necessary flexibilities of a good process control design while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)

A more detailed version of a PFD, a P&ID incorporates the process piping with equipment and instrumentation. CleanCap is able to provide P&IDs that establish the baseline for detailed project designs.

Line drawing diagram showing a process flow
Detailed drawing of fabrication for equipment

Process Equipment Specifications

Once the process equipment has been selected, CleanCap can provide detailed design requirements for the equipment so that it fills the needs and goals of a particular project.

Process Equipment Detailed Drawings

From the General Arrangement to the Foundation drawing, CleanCap can provide detailed fabrication drawings in Imperial or Metric units for main process equipment and peripheral equipment.

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