Pollution Control Solutions & Onsite Operation and Maintenance

CleanCap Europe aims to support you with on-site technical services, developing and implementing solutions to mitigate pollution and environmental impact caused by industrial processes with a single point of contact, allowing you to focus on your core business, and reducing the risk of downtime and environmental non-compliance.

CleanCap Europe provides expert RAPID DEPLOYMENT of Onsite Technical Support Services, as part of CleanCap’s Uptime-as-a-Service (UaaS) program, for a wide variety of Pollution Control & Heat Processing Equipment. This program delivers fault finding, emergency breakdown, annual maintenance, service of burners and equipment, remote monitoring, and plant installation. Our team has more than 25 years of experience in design, manufacture, maintenance, and operation of Pollution Control & Heat Processing Equipment.

CleanCap Addresses Challenges for the European Market Place

Market Gaps

Industrial equipment OEMs rely on equipment sales as their primary revenue streams, often leaving Customers with insufficient Service Support


Loss of OEM CAPEX Customers because of poor Post Sales Service Support

Financial Implications

Equipment must be operating at optimum efficiency and with maximum uptime to prevent process interruption.


Cumulative increase in Pollution Control & Process Heating Technology installations, static engineering and technician resource creating demand/provision gap


Equipment operators must maintain their equipment properly to ensure that they are comply with Regulations

CleanCap is Creating Solutions

  • Closing the gap: Provision of a separate Technical Service Support Team acting directly for OEMs and / or Customers
  • Cost savings analysis: Savings in retaining large Technical Service Departments
  • Target Audience: Pollution Control & Heat Processing OEMs & End Users
  • Easy to Utilise: Single Point Contact for delivery of Technical Services including Health and Safety support

Teamwork & Partnerships Opportunities with CleanCap

  • Emergency Service
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance
  • Equipment Installations
  • Balance of Plant work
  • Insulation Re-linings
  • Combustion System Rebuilds / Replacements
  • Heat Exchanger or Ceramic Media Change-outs
  • Control System upgrades
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fabrication and Parts Supply

Environmental Assessments

We assess the environmental impact of industrial operations through audits and evaluations. Then identify potential sources of pollution and provide recommendations for improvement.

Pollution Control System Design

We support the design and engineer solution for pollution control systems tailored to specific industries and processes. These systems can include technologies such as scrubbers, filters, separators, and advanced treatment methods.

Compliance and Permitting

We assist businesses in complying with environmental regulations and obtaining necessary permits. Helping navigate the complex regulatory landscape and ensure compliance with local, regional, and national standards.

Monitoring and Testing

We offer monitoring and testing services to evaluate the efficiency of pollution control systems and assess the quality of air, water, and soil in and around industrial facilities. This data helps identify potential issues and optimise pollution control measures.

Training and Consulting

We can provide and support training programs and consulting services to educate businesses on pollution control best practices, sustainable operations, and regulatory requirements. To help clients develop effective environmental management strategies.

Why CleanCap Europe?


We will survey your equipment and provide a Site-Specific Service Plan


We will provide Competent Technical Staff, arrange for Site Specific Risk Assessment and Method Statements


We can deploy at short notice, and can support remotely


More than 25 years’ experience in the design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance of industrial equipment

CleanCap Europe Team

Daniel Barry Headshot

Daniel Barry

Founding Partner

Chad Clark Headshot

Chad Clark

Founding Partner

Tom Breheny Headshot

Thomas Breheny

Managing Director

Michael Clark Headshot

Michael Clark

Operations Manager

Neil Butler Headshot

Neil Butler

Engineering Director