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Innovation Never Stops

At the heart of CleanCap’s mission to help decarbonize the industry while creating value, are the technologies that are deployed to achieve the given objectives. Some of these technologies are more established than others, but they all tie together in concept and similar mission to reduce our natural resource consumption on this earth. Innovation at CleanCap never stops as we work with many different industry experts to push boundary limits to bring our customers a better outcome and competitive advantage.

We combine approaches to minimize a producer’s carbon footprint by using and understanding the best gas, air, and water pollution control techniques developed.

  • Efficient removal of H2S, siloxanes, particulate, odor, and VOCs
  • CO2 separation allowing for participation in the growing CO2 market for industrial use or sequestration
  • Ensuring efficient application of operating horsepower
  • Redundancy in critical design components
  • Proven platform for addressing environmental permitting issues and mitigating potential operational environmental issues including air and water/leachate pollutants
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